I love to capture moments. The moments that pass in milliseconds, but can live forever in a photograph. I love looking back at pictures of my children taken a month ago, a year ago, and remembering the smallest details of memories that change as they grow more and more every day. Their laughter, their personalities, their quirks, their bravery - all captured in a moment.

This is why I love photography. 

During the week, I manage digital communications and photography for the USDA. I lead teams of talented photographers, online content creators, and social media strategists helping citizens across the country to learn more about a truly great Department. And while I like my day job (most of the time), I discovered that it's the stuff I do at home that I really love.

Taking pictures of my family, whether we're having adventures outdoors, celebrating a special occasion, or lying around the house, and capturing those memories, those moments, on something more than just a cellphone.

On the other end of the photography spectrum, I love working with models in all styles of portraiture, from beauty to lifestyle, and even headshots to advance your career.

Taking the time to create beautiful images using the right equipment, a good eye, and above all else, good luck. This is what I'm truly passionate about and want to create with you.