It's pretty simple.

$250 per family portrait session, 

Meet me for an hour or so at a location of your choice. We’ll spend the time taking photos with absolutely no pressure of “getting it right”. Being a father of two little boys myself, I know the challenges of keeping kids interested and happy. I'll make it a fun experience that you and your family will actually enjoy. Seriously parents, it won't be a nightmare!

After our session, I’ll provide you with hi-res digital copies for you to take to anywhere you'd like for printing or sharing online. The digital images are 100% yours! You'll get every good photograph that doesn’t hit the cutting room floor, usually 20-30 images.

Post-processing, retouching, and private online delivery of hi-res images. 


Headshots for modeling, acting, and business are $150.


For all other portraits including lifestyle, environmental, and beauty portraits, my rate is $250. We can work in my studio or outdoors. I'll usually produce around 30-40 photographs per shoot and will provide you with all of the hi-res versions. 


I also do events for $150 per hour with a minimum of two hours.


If you want photos of you dancing with your cat in spacesuits, hey, I won't judge!

Kokee Studio
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